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Leadership Management

Test & QA management

Defining the test process, goals and structure; guiding and mentoring the team

While some teams are self organizing, more often test & QA management leadership is required to drive the test and QA process. Without creating too much hierarchy, test leadership will help to establish a cohesive testing practice and raise the profile & importance of testing.

Complex projects or programs and diverse teams are typical cases which require structured leadership to ensure that quality is delivered to the stakeholders and that they are properly managed and informed.

The leadership looks at testing at organizational level and identify risks, points of pain and facilitate better communication between and within teams. They also look at training opportunities to enhance the team, resolve conflicts and secure resources.

The leadership will define test strategies, which will drive testing as a whole and give a sense of direction for the team. Hands on leadership will also provide technical direction in addressing challenges, choosing tools and defining test data and environment management processes.