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Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

Testing in emulators, simulators and physical devices to ensure your app functions in the real world

Mobile App Testing has become a buzzword these days and we would like to draw a line here. At Awesome QA, we don’t think mobile applications are any different from other systems and therefore apply the same types of testing: functional, performance, security, compatibility, recoverability, usability, etc. As you can see, there is nothing unusual.

However, mobile applications operate in environment where they have to behave and comply with the operating system and the rest of other apps. As such, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered during testing mobile app. For example:

  • does the device receive and process text messages when app is running?
  • does the app automatically minimize when an incoming call is received?

These types of requirements are implicit industry standards and most developers are not even aware of them, but end users and vendors do expect every app to behave consistently with others.

We have developed standard procedures for mobile app testing. We conduct these tests on top of functional requirements of the app as described by the vendor.

Crucially, we put a lot of emphasis on automating mobile testing to ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices. This allows for wider scope of testing and faster delivery of future releases.