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Cloud & Microservices

Cloud Testing  & Microservices Testing

Ensuring SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Meet Functional, Non-Functional and Local Requirements

Cloud testing covers hardware and software resources that are available on demand. It is conducted either in public, private or hybrid environment, depending on what the organization has chosen.

Cloud system requires both traditional and new methods to perform testing. It is particularly of high importance to test the impact of sharing resources with other applications, customization of configurations, cross border data access, etc.

While cloud systems can be tested as black-box, the test team needs to have technical skills to understand how everything works together and to be able to bring up, configure and tear down test environments. DevOps skills come handy to validate things like redundancy, load balancing and scaling mechanisms.

Awesome QA professionals will ensure your cloud systems and microservices are tested properly and competently functionally and non-functionally.