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Integrate Early, Build Frequently, Fail Fast and Deliver Continuously

CICD – The benefits of continuous integration are enormous, but this is not what we are not going to talk here. Instead, we would like to talk about what we do in this area, that will help your team and business.

Our professionals have experience in setting up CI infrastructure and implementing CI process for many project types and technology stacks, using both open source and commercial tools.

CI requires a fundamental change in the development and testing approach as automated tests are crucial for CI to function and succeed. This requires change in mindset and a process in itself. Just having a Jenkins alone is not CI; the team needs to use it and benefit from it.

The next level following CI is continuous delivery or CD, which is a process that allows a team to deploy a piece of software whenever they want. To achieve CD, you need to align all other processes like development, testing, requirements and deployments so that at any particular point in time, you can pick the current ‘green’ build and deploy to production.

We look at your delivery process as a whole and devise the instruments needed to get your team to a state when you can deliver continuously through a CICD program.