Engagement Models | Awesome QA

How we work with clients

We offer 4 different models of engaging with clients, all of which are designed to ensure we deliver value and adapt to client specific requirements and environments.



Consulting is one of our business models. We offer specialist services for our clients mostly on time & material basis. Clients often opt for this model when they want us to work as part of the their development team or complete a specific service like process implementation.



Outsourcing is widely practiced model within software testing where a client engages with us to manage the whole testing of their project. This is particularly the case when a client has no test team or test environment or simply prefers to keep their structure lean. Some clients also choose this model when they don’t have a constant need for a test team, so when they need to do testing, it is easier and cost efficient to outsource.



The resourcing model is a good choice for clients who want to build/expand their test team. They engage with us because we have the connections, skills and experience to find the right candidates. Our clients prefer our service than staffing firms because we are specialists and we save them a lot of time and money. Quite often, some of consultants want to take permanent positions and we can easily and quickly fill such positions with high qualified and proven resources.


Testing on demand

If your company has an irregular need for QA, testing on demand is a perfect model. For example, we have a client that releases software on monthly basis and require a week’s testing each month. It is not viable to have a permanent team, but having the same virtual team that is always available for the project is vital because they have the business context and require no ramp up time.