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About Us

Quality Is Not An End Result, But A Mindset!

The Professionals in Quality

awesomeqa is an independent company with a global network of software testing and quality assurance professionals. With an agile approach to quality assurance, we partner with our global and local clients to deliver customized testing services and top tier QA resources to support our clients’ “Do it right the first time” quality assurance requirements for their mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Over the past decade, our team has developed standard procedures for testing various applications in most verticals and conducted these tests on top of well-defined quality assurance testing methodologies. We put a lot of emphasis on automating testing frameworks and ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices and platforms. This allows for wider scope of testing and reduces the time to market for original and upgrade releases.

Deliver faster to market while improving customer experiences

At awesomeqa, we are peculiar about recruiting and building top notch teams. While it has been a very challenging task, one which calls for an average of 3 months to onboard a single QA resource, we recruit only the top 6% of experienced software QA & testing professionals. Those are the qualified professionals that are adapted to our clients’ projects, on-demand or permanently, based on their availability, specialty, level of experience, location, and the assignment.

Our Vision

Be the recognized leader in delivering the most robust and resilient software than most companies in the marketplace.

Our Value Proposition

Every day, our clients entrust us with the extraordinary tasks of challenging ourselves to deliver quality assured applications for mobile, web, and desktop. We tirelessly seek new ways to test, audit, and qualify software for various verticals, and are constantly looking beyond the possibilities of reducing time to market by helping companies transition into true agile ecosystem; one which enables iterative, continuous, and autonomous testing.

What makes us different?

Our agile structure, model, and approach make it easier for clients to engage us based on their immediate requirements anytime during their software development and release journey. We do not force our business on the clients, but rather invest in the knowledge of the clients’ business and industry to support successful software releases through a 360 degrees view. We understand software development is not about software per se, but collaboration between cross-functional teams to deliver a top notch customer experience.

Our Mission

Reducing software time to market through agile testing, automation, and continuous integration & delivery!

Through our vast experiences, we setup processes, test automation architecture, and realign teams to meet the clients’ business objectives. Our QA teams do not excel only because of their extraordinary technical leadership, but also due to their business orientation in an industry where delivering high quality software applications is the only accepted argument.

Our company is the result of the successes we have co-achieved with our clients and the failures we have learnt from in our journeys. We have a passion for high quality software and would like to share the sum of our experiences with you. If you are looking for professionals to deliver top notch customer experiences, why don’t you give us a shout! We have the agile skills and passion to support you to achieve your goals, whether through on-demand, freelancing, contract, permanent, or outsourcing arrangements.

We bridge the gap between businesses and QA professionals